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s; As it is, now and never, believe in me for I am truthful sometimes. Select and save, okay now begin my tale.
It was on a dark and stormy night, I huddled in a crouch, I forgave the biting of the wind for it was its nature. Spare me, thought I, as though a prayer to send, for I needed all the help I could receive. There it was again, a flash or two, something coming, something inexorably following me. I hopped to it, jumped up and ran,
My strides out paced my foe. There and then the wind gave such a blast knocked me down and then another flash but much nearer. I leaped up and ran but my following foe was gaining on me. I could see no way out no la dee da or help mate, no cave or rock to hide behind. If I stood I would be caught, made my way ahead, rain lashed, foot slushed, soaked through. My adversary was gaining more, a monster or a doubt for me, what had I said to bring such terror. Oh God forgive me, I repent I will desist and follow the rightful path from now on to my death. A flash from sky and then the rumble, my foe stood as a silhouette arms wide apart feeding from the lashing of the storm. I heard him laugh, then he set to and the chase began again, an errant branch tripped my foot, I was down and now he was above me cold eyes, cold heart, no mercy in any part of him.
Bending nearer he opened up my mouth. ’Tell your master that any way he goes will be bad for him.’
‘I have no master,’ I screamed.
‘Do you not, then to whom I heard you praying?’
Then he kicked me and he spat, went to turn but I was a wildcat up with nails scraping his face.
‘You think you found me sir, arse about tit, I found you’ Then I slid the knife in slowly. ‘My name is Nemesis and I don’t always appear as you expect me.’
I burnt his bloody soul, the only good thing he’s ever done was to keep my body warm.