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jack sat comp  


It wasn’t a happy place,no feel of grace. As entertainments go the show was lacking pleasure, the audience were mostly turning their eyes away.
All things considered not just warm it was hot, clogged up air, say a prayer.
Definitely veering towards searing. They proposed that the choking of the atmosphere was the causing of the warming. When things went wrong about the place they were apt to blame the squatters on the rim.
Fighting fire with fire, volcanoes, a volley of flames and ash. Fiery emissions drew a shroud forbidding light. The earth went dark, nothing grew. All hope passed into depression.
As I observe around here there seems to be a lack of order, are you making jokes or is this your general state of play?
If its us, you’re saying maybe its just an itch. If its us, must be a trickle in the brain, explain away the doubts. If its us, the ones that see but rather not believe their eyes, despise the why’s they’d rather never know. Hard and bitten, comfortable thank you nicely. Who care’s what the future brings, its not for us that’s gonna face a burning. Turn on the games and sell our days away now.
The powers that be are noticing a plan gone wrong, take away the oven, scatter low the players, the fiery dance makes ash the rash their itching.
Simply said, the health and the fury descended. They cried heaven is bent on survival as well. So its upstaging earth, counting its worth which is nil. So you can clear out, its us who is doing the duty of existing here now. Go take your rest. Go have a death or two. Leave the sugar and the saints we can play with them. Ask nicely and we’ll pay for your supper, its the last one.