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Jin and Moon converse comp  

‘Yes but every time, every time, I get the castle finished and I am ready to fill the moat, so what do you do, you pull the sea away, that’s just mean.’ Jinny was wondering if a more formal attire would be preferable, but the Moon was dressed all nudy rudy so most probably it was not a matter of great concern.
‘Yes I know, I am sorry about that, but I must have something to amuse me. I work such long hours and its the same old stuff millennium after millennium, I’m thinking of jacking it in.’ Looking at the sheen of Jinny’s cream skin the Moon tried to smooth some of her craters flat, from far the Moon looked fine but up close her skin was a mess.
‘Really, but what would you do?’ With the Moon here she felt so relaxed she could just drift off to sleep, she suppressed a yawn.
‘I might write a book. I see everything from up there, I keep diaries, I look at my sister and think she is debauched, the stuff she allows to happen on her coating’ She knew all the other moons felt the same resentment against their planets, longed for a day they could play the major part.
At this Jinny was concerned. ‘But you can’t resign, how would we see at night?’ If you find a friend you want no end to your hello.
‘Oh get real, you have so many lights the place is blinding, no you would get on fine without me. I’m past my sell by date, I don’t want to be pushed so I’ll jump.’
‘I’ll make tea.’ Jinny warmed the pot and poured tea into bone china cups, nothing but the best for her guest. ‘But who would pull the seas, without you there would be no tides.’
‘Yes I admit the water might get a little less mixed, maybe even stagnant, all the little fishes gasping for oxygen. But do you know what a chore it is to pull all the water on this place, it takes such an effort, and not just once but twice a day. no if I never see another sea I’ll be very happy.’ The Moon was acting tough but secretly she did worry about the waters, although it seemed they had no thought for her, for every pull she gave they in turn gave a push to send her a tiny space away.
‘So you’re still not sleeping, I see your room bright every night.’
‘No I don’t sleep in the night I pray for the day to bring me relief. Anyway I’ll get the scrubbing brush.’
Jinny started brushing and scrubbing at the Moon’s old skin. ‘How did the party go?’
‘It was good, we all got tiddly and had a little gossip about the Moons that were not there. Some of the more jagged ones had a little fight, they always do, until we round ones threaten to roll them flat, then they say their sorries and behave a little better till the next time. Actually that’s a thought if I go I’m sure my sister could make a deal with Jupiter or Saturn to borrow one of their moons, they have so many they don’t know what to do with them.’
‘But they wouldn’t be you.’ With no full Moon what would the werewolves do? ‘You know I would not have to do this if you had some rain to wash you clean.’
‘Yes but to have rain you need water. It seems like forever I’ve been pulling and pulling at the seas here but my sister is so mean she won’t let one drop escape.’
Jinny was rinsing the Moon. ‘Open your mouth.’
‘What for?’
‘Just do what you’re told.’ Jinny said firmly. And she poured the water inside the Moon. ‘Okay, there is some water, its not much but its a start.’
A little tear of gratitude dripped from the Moon’s eye.
The Moon had been waiting to see if Jinny would act alone but it was time now, soonest done, soonest mended. It was late, the bells on the seas were striking twice. ‘This elephant.’
‘There is no elephant here, just you and me.’
’This elephant we are not talking about, would it have a name, something like; terror, horror, or fear.’
‘I would rather not talk about it, thank you.’ Jinny was thinking there’s nothing left to follow now its always right in front and she can see it too.
‘Open your mouth.’
‘Just do as your told.’ The Moon’s silver light searched within. ‘Use your hand, feel inside.’
She expected to find flesh but this was another, a very different, sort of place.
‘Lower, to your left, now grab it.’
Jinny felt something writhe, a repulsive being trying to squirm away. She grabbed it hard.
‘Bring it out, fling it to the floor.’
Jinny’s dread lay quivering in the slime of its own ooze, held fixed in the light of the Moon. ’There is your monster.’
‘Its so small.’ Jinny was both disgusted and fascinated by the creature.
‘Always are but they like to pretend they are mighty. Now squash it with your feet and it will be gone.’
‘No, let me think. I know I will put it in this bird cage and cover it with this cloth. What does it like to eat?’
‘Your courage and well being.’
‘Well it can’t have any of that. I will feed it love and tenderness.’
That was like Jinny. Just as she seemed content with the story that her parents were diplomats gun downed in their car, best not to say too soon the reality of the situation. ‘Now you will be able to sleep in the night?’
‘Yes, thank you.’
‘I fear I have lost a friend.’
‘Nonsense.’ Said Jinny. ‘You see that desk over there, thats the place you will write your book.’ Don’t make conditions just be here with me.