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Picture Stories Jinny and Magician 2 comp  

Outside its raining, inside is falling something worse. The Magician greets her with a whisper. ‘Thanks for coming.’
‘Who’s that?’
‘Phoebe my new assistant.’
‘Okay, well I’ll be off then.’
‘Jinny, she’s my assistant she’s not my girlfriend.’
Jinny folded her arms to protect and preserve. ‘Meaning what? I thought we were sex, nothing was ever said about girl friend stuff?’
‘That’s just semantics, you’re a woman and a friend.’
‘Putting the two together I make that woman friend.’
Inside the Magician was groaning, this was not going so well. ‘Woman friend, girl friend same difference.’
‘No difference? There’s a whole heap of difference. Girl friend signifies a relationship and I don’t know if I want that kind of closeness with you. You’re good in bed but there’s something a bit cold about you.’
‘Yes cold, after we’re done you study me from some far off place, miles away from the together space I would want us to be.’
‘That’s not cold Jinny, that’s post coital stunning, just recharging my battery, I’m not studying anything, just zonked.’
Jinny was getting more interested now. ‘Whatever, look lets forget the girlfriend stuff, if your looking for a naming you can be my toy boy.’
‘Toy boy?’
‘See you’ve got it right already. Yeah I know you’re older but think about it, this could give you a new lease of life.’
‘Do I get presents?’
Jinny narrows her eyes. ‘I’m not paying you for sex if that’s what you’re thinking. There might be some old chocolates under the sink, you can have them.’
Phoebe thought that tapping a foot was a cheap way to show irritation, well she could be cheap who cares, tap, tap. ‘I’m still here.’
The Magician pushed up a smile and turned. ‘Yes darling, just discussing some domestic matters with my wife.’
‘Yes Jinny, I was building up to that, I figured girl friend first, then onto wife.’
‘Seems logical.’ Had providence provided the hanging ropes for a reason?
‘Jinny don’t make this hard.’
‘And the “Down on one knee”, we seem to have rushed part that. I tell you what lets make a bargain. You be good to me and I will piss on you.’
‘Jin please give me a chance. Phoebe has the idea I proposed to her. I’m saying I couldn’t have done because I’m already married.’ He could lie on the stage but in real life his skin shone with wet and his eyes swept away from Jinny’s.
‘Married to me?’
‘Precisely, so I would be very, very grateful if you would play along.’
‘We could get a divorce, have we got kids.’
‘I didn’t go into details.’
‘Your memory is terrible, how can you forget Marie Joelle, so cute, and little Alphonse. Well of course you weren’t at their births, I had to struggle through those on my own. What about the ring, shouldn’t I have a ring or were you too mean to buy one?’
‘Yes there’s a ring, you wear it hung from your neck, close to your heart.’
‘Obviously, well now that I’ve appeared in the flesh I had better be getting back to the children.’
Phoebe was thinking that the Magician manners needed reminding. ‘Aren’t you going to introduce me to your wife Ertax?’
Ertax? Jinny had never heard the Magician’s name.
‘Yes of course, Jinny may I introduce you to Phoebe.’
‘And the rest darling - Phoebe Rouletabille.’
‘Charmed.’ Said Jinny.
‘Likewise I’m sure.’ Said Phoebe.
Jinny pulled the magician behind the curtain. ‘Excuse us Phoebe we are still sorting out domestics.’
‘Don’t do it, think of the children.’
‘Jinny what...’
‘You promised her marriage to get her into bed didn’t you?’
‘How can you think that, she was already in bed when the marriage stuff began.’
‘You cad.’
‘Cad nothing, she dragged me there.’
‘Well anyway now she’s seen you are happily married, there’s no problem is there?’
‘Well she did mention something about a divorce.’
‘Well don’t think you're getting the children, I’d never leave them with a monster like you.’ Jinny was trying hard not to show contempt.
‘You scheming minx, I can’t see what I ever saw in you, its always been about the money, hasn’t it?’
‘Of course it bloody has, d’you think I’d fuck a bastard like you for free. Sometimes at night with you, I thought I heard you dying, I turned but you were peaceful was that a wish I had or a fear?’
Do all good marriages come to this a choice of a sort between committing the murder, or forgetting the sides and go for the middle to keep the peace.
‘I made a mistake when I hauled you in from the gutter and now this is all the thanks I get. Well you wont get one cent from me, you can go back to the sewers where you belong.’
‘You swine you bastard get your hands off, you’re hurting me, you’re promises all forsaken. We had a good life and now your errant dick is wrecking all we have; give it here I’ll cut it off.’
‘Jinny I need that for pissing as well as sticking and the spare one is in the car. So you can scream all you like you’ll not get your fingers on this.’
‘So big man brought low. Well I want the lot, the car to keep, the dog the cat, the house and its roof, you can go sleep in the jungle.’
‘Ha you’ll not get a cent from me, I’ll leave you in the gutter where I found you. As for the brats they can go to the workhouse do some good for a change.’
Jinny in a rage picks up a prop, whack. ‘Take that and again. You think you’re so clever well this little alley cat has laid you low and you know what now I’m gonna take your job as well.’
The Magician stepped over the lump on the floor. ‘Darling Phoebe come here I need your assistance. We have to move this body, stick it in that box over there.’
‘Yes Jinny but may I ask is he unwell?’
‘Very but don’t worry that’s a magic cell, a few months in there will see him right as rain.’ Ertax is left in the toilet.
Phoebe smoothed her hair. ‘Are we ready to do the show there’s a crowd waiting outside?’
‘Very ready, we will confound expectations and present such wonders not known before. Phoebe go and tell the people, “The Mighty Jin” is ready to amaze all those who dare to see.’
‘Now let’s see what’s on the menu; cut woman in half, levitate woman, disappear woman, catch bullet in teeth, produce rabbits and doves, escape from locked cabinet. Dull, dull, dull.’

‘Phoebe when they’re in lock the room, none shall escape from this. Let it be known they are all absurd and on my count they will fly like birds in the sky. I will protect them do not fear. Then my piece de resistance I will give a shove to the place called love, and romance will hover and strike them, pairing them to partners who they will detest in time but not now. They will be besotted, a drooling mess on the floor, holding hands and screaming tender lies that they believe for sure. As for the ending I will break my bones and give them out for food. Every piece will become a recipe that succours and fills them a taste that will thrill them, every other meal will taste worthless by comparison.’
‘But what shall I do?’ Asks Phoebe.
‘You are the nurse, tend to the afflicted, mop brows, provide relief for their woes.’
After the show Phoebe runs to Jinny but she is at a loss how to help her.
So as it was before now, as it will be again. A game of chance with him, or try again to lie her way back into favour with the fates she’s hurt in former times.
He should be a roar, a doubting bastard son, locked in the piss hole and made to travel to a place that wasn’t there. But in truth when Ertax sees her bent and broken, for pity’s sake he cradles her, accepts her gently.
Jinny opens her eyes, seeing Ertax she smiles.
‘Don’t move I’ll get a Doctor.’
Jinny shakes her head, then calls her friend inside. Her mangled flesh grows hot and by dint of right, for mercy’s sake, an unlocking sound cracks through her back mending and making good the way it always should but mostly never is.
Jinny’s finger dabs Ertax’s nose. ‘So I guess that’s that, home for you to make the kiddies tea, kiss them both goodnight for me.’ Then a pause. Ertax I don’t want to fight anymore.’
Ertax nods towards Phoebe. ‘What about she, Phoebe’s quite lovely I think be a shame to waste such a dolly?’
‘You’re right leave it to me.’ Jinny jumps up and holds Phoebe near. ‘Phoebe my dear, a word in your ear, forsooth its been a day for changes but how are we after these rearranges?’
Phoebe just smiles. ‘Take me dancing, I’ll spin and I’ll spin, the glory times are here. Kiss me once and that will be for the sake of romance we never had. You’re a Queen, you’re a Witch, you’re so fucking good, in another life perhaps wait for me there. I’m the one that is singing to you the mystery song you’ve known all along, so teach me the time and make it rhyme for us.’