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picture story slave comp  

I was a slave once,
at least that’s what she said,
unsatisfying and so despising.
Expecting prostration
emancipation was not on the menu,
when you bow down to your betters
lessors should not question their truth
should soothe not be uncouth.
It must have been something to do with the spirit of things,
A figure of fun,
a piss in the drink,
nothing more,
always less.
A cat may look at a queen
but not question the space between.

a; okay
have it my way
on you go here

If its said in the book of lies
that a traveller finds mighty useful.
If its said
that once upon a time
or different rhyme whatever.
You were seen as a go between
a lesser thing not worthy.
A chattel piece of rubbish
pissed upon and hated,
certainly not rated.
Why be making excuses now,
she was a cow,
a bitch who thought her status mighty high,
bow down to her and present yourself as less
some kind of God bless without the ‘G.’
Can it be seen,
bark and crawl away
whipped puppy
legs between its tail,
well said.
If you allow yourself to be rated low you will be,
its not a statement,
its just a bent shape thing.
Ring the bell and ask for more
beggars are given short shrift here.
Obeisance your case is hopeless,
God save the queen.