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stained with blame comp  

As it was, he was here again, coming forth, a creature of some other place. Phee never asked whence he came, he appeared and she was glad of it. Stagger on like this, finding no repair or recompense in a life she barely found sustaining. His visits were her only joy, his presence bought her fire, a hungry lust that scared her. His eyes were sharp he smelt of wood and earth. He hardly spoke, it was not a relationship built upon the saying, it was more a bruising, tender, crush and more. He was for her a lifeline to a greater feeling, a sense of wonder at the heat he gave within her. As if she were a doll he gripped and shook her, pleasing shapes of happiness a satisfying cleansing of her blood. He was a thug he was brutal, he was an angel he caressed her with a tenderness unexpected, he was a dream, although he wasn’t, solid as a brick, his muscles ground her down. His arrivals were capricious, sometimes many nights together, sometimes years went by and she feared he’d gone for good. Before they joined he held her to him, silently mouthing some unknown rhyme as though this were an ancient rite, was she his sacrifice, was he a King to take his pleasure where he may?
Phee was fixing fences when he suddenly appeared, grabbed her arm and pulled to make her follow. Down and further, through the moss the loss the tears she never cried, through the darkness to a place resplendent lit by chandeliers. A throne it held and at its foot he threw her to the floor and mounted on the dais, she looked up at his cruel face staring inward seeing some unseen apparition. With a sudden jerk he pounced to her lifted her up and placed her on the throne. He stalked away then servants came bearing clothes they dressed her in a golden gown, bejewelled her hair, then bowing low they left. Bemused she sat on the throne and waited.
So we are in the terror place here. Phee was sure that some drastic ritual would soon occur. Some bond would bind without her agreeing to it. She tore off the golden dress ran to the dark and cast herself into it, at once lost in some ancient wood. She fell, she plunged onward anyway, scratched and pulled by the callous trees. The sound of flowing river made her turn, a river in torrent flow, a way to go without the slashing branches. Phee dived in, the water was icy and the current churned her round, she fought the rush but it was too strong, tossed and whirled accepting her coming death.
Phee did not die, when her senses returned she was floating in a calm pool, the river still raging by. She dragged herself to the bank and sat, she shivered and thought to run again but the trees surrounding looked even less inviting than those she had fought before. She dropped back, looked at the stars unfamiliar constellations some other place here. She wondered what had become of him, was he chasing after, or would his pride deny that? She wished she had kept the dress she was freezing. Was she now to die, frozen to death in a never place, she could not believe that was to be her fate. No sooner had she thought this when her destiny took another turn. Hands reached up from the pool, felt for her and pulled her down, she struggled but there were too many. Down and drown again, in a flurry of losing breath Phee descended to the glow of a grotto where thankfully she could breathe. Women surrounded her, fierce and wary, one of them threw her some skins to wear, she was led to a fire and welcome warmth.
Phee was wet tired and raging from internal shock. They fed her leaves and some mead they made her drink, sending her down to the spirals of a dream time place. Floating there she became aware of lights, her courage failing as they grew nearer. It was a horde sent by the wild man to grasp her back to him, but as the lights approached each in turn went out, the wild women drowning deep the owner. Phee felt safe in the dream no harm was coming to her here. Then the eyes came staring down and the wild woman Queen poked at her with a spear. ‘You are evil, you are sent to spy on us, we smell him upon your skin, you are his woman, you curse this place with your presence, you must die here.’ Alarmed and and feeling futile she stood to make objection but doing so impaled her on the spear, blood ran down the shaft, as the blood seeped down it seemed to reach for and touch the women, as it did a change occurred the women shrank and became young girls. all the women turned to little children.
The hunt outside was nearing and Phee knew if found the children would be slaughtered. She pulled off the dress to see her wound, gushing, flowing down it was a thick oozing river. She gathered all the girls and instructed them to make a raft. As Phee weakened the children seemed to gain in strength, soon the craft was ready and they voyaged upon the flow. The red river headed through the dark seeming to know its destination, arriving at the room of chandeliers, where the ruthless King sat in state upon his throne. All the girls rushed at him and attacked, biting and tearing, they had been his wives brought here, like her, to serve him and then abandoned. The King’s gore flowed, it merged with Phee’s to form a lake. He shoved the girls away grabbed Phee and pulled her down into the pool, fighting all the way they sank. Beyond reason, beyond any knowing here, tumbling and churning, bleeding to a death that strained to take them but never did. Their wounds joined together but which was which, they each had the blood of the other.
He tore himself from her. ’Witch what is this magic weakening me?’
She crouched in front of him baring her teeth. ‘You are worse than a dog, a dog would feel care for its mate.’
Surprising her a smile appeared on his face. ‘Joined in blood you must truly be my woman.’
She circled round wary of an attack. ‘I will never be your woman but joined in blood you will be my man.’
They fought again but neither could be the better. Lying close she glimpsed in him some change. He saw the difference in her, more powerful and weaker both.
Rolling over he turned to her. ’Your hold on me is stronger than a chain, I love you and I hate you, both.’
She pushed him back to see his face. ‘You repulse me, I long to kill you but then I would have to kill myself.’
They pulled apart and the wounds were healed.
She took the girls back to her world to care for them as their mother.
Their father came in the dark to find a love and lightness he had never known. He took to making precious gifts for them, amulets to ward off hate, charms to find a righteous lover, the ability to smell a lie, he gave them courage and the ways to use a knife. He and Phee could never be together. He and she never could be parted.

the end

Phee knew she was to became their mother and it would be her task to care for them.