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‘Yes okay, stay, stay, stay. Goes like this: If I was a fairy, which I’m not, would you love me still? Now I’m princely have you heard it, I’m going to be a Queen and everyone will rise and say jolly good your Majesty, hurrah for her, hip, hip, hooray. So to get me in the mood, to get me kind of right, I must practice my Queenly stuff so I don’t make a mess of it. So please, no thats wrong. I order you, I command you, to bend over backwards and smile while doing it. To please me, to achieve a state of belief in me as a royal, dum, dum, dum. Is it the walk I need to get right, stately and frozen still, nose in the air, I’m sailing by. I speak as them do not dare to. I am a brat and I love it. Cats do bow, dogs curtsy too. Its a secret thing but I’m a horror I know but I just cannot stop. Its like an addiction I think. Will it wear off I hope not, I’m quite taken with this royalty dance.’

‘Its raining, as I am a Princess I command you to catch that cloud and chop of its head.’ She was annoyed that this oaf had forgotten to bring her throne.

Forced still like this he could feel the chill as the year was passing. ’As your Highness says but may I be so bold to mention that clouds by their nature are nebulous and hazy, they are also crafty and hide their head in several places. So by attempting to sever the head I may in fact be creating more.’ There was an Egyptian Goddess who assumed a pose like this only she has longer arms.

‘Are you finished? if you cannot get rid of the cloud then find me shelter from its rain. I order you to make me a house.’ Had she forgotten something, the wealth, shouldn’t there be gold and treasure to keep her warm at night.

‘But your Highness we are in the midst of a barren desert.’ Changeling, that was the word.

Things were going well she thought, although her courtier needed replacing. ’This desert thing was that your idea or mine? Anyway this is not much of a house, there are no walls not even a door. What will I do when the wolves come?’ She wished the Princes would arrive, she was thinking of many impossible tasks to test their suitability. It was a shame they would most probably die.

‘Your Highness I do believe that wolves are rarely found in this desolate land.’ Where would be the best place to hide a gun?

‘That’s only ‘cos they’ve not thought of it. Now I’ve thought of it for them they’re bound to come loping along real soon. Enough, fetch me a bucket of chocolate and a bucket of fizz, and fan me cool, and entertain me, and press my dress for the dance, and, and, and, and the rest, do I have to think of everything?’ If they could see her, she felt sure any country would sign her up as their ruler.

‘As it pleases your Highness.’ How many years before you can push them out the door, or maybe we could just move away.

There are secret mutterings in the kitchen, a gust of insurrection whispered around gaining ground. Enough was really more than enough play for today.

The heat of the desert was becoming quite oppressive, she wished she had worn white. ’You took your time, where is my chocolate and fizz?’

‘Your Highness I am afraid to inform you there has been a revolution. The common people are now in control. They are demanding that you be thrown to the wolves.’ There was a slight sigh of relief.

‘See I said the wolves would come.’