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picture story a retribution comp

See me then I’m sparkling, skin ablaze, fascinating creature. If its for, if its not, I forgive, I’ve forgot. Once there was a way round, heavy weights upon me, I spoke the word to have them lifted. And now I deem it right, by all the laws that be, I must take my vengeance, a spirit of retribution, no mercy here, keep her clear from me. Touch the stone, it is round, gives me faith my mission clear, I will fly, gather in the lead and the leader to their death. I want more than that, eye for an eye, well let them pay some more. I was, I was, yes gather it, worse oh worse, eaten raw by their disgust, displayed, betrayed and tortured. Tooth for a tooth, they shall have the feel of mine. In this place they revel, another woman dances for their fun, well let me scream, let me seem, let me burn. Enter now, they raise their eyes. surprise of course, my bandages slipping reveal their fun and now the gun I carry. ‘You and you on the floor, strip off and mount each other. I’ll shoot the one that comes a villain making.’ Now with my knife I take a slice to chew. ‘Why aren’t you laughing? You found it fun when it was me down there.’ Now I’ll see a little blood, maybe more then. And here he is the boastful cock, well lets slice and dice, now he has not take the feeling from me, you can wear it all yourselves. Don’t run away this shot is sure, anyway you will miss the grand finale. Here’s a can, here’s a match, you can burn all the way down to hell. The doors are locked, I breath the clean, clean air and laugh and now my fate is told as I am grabbed by my feet the earth is searing that surrounds me.