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river comp cpy  

would you write some words on you becoming a river please?

ri; If you wish me to
what shall I do?
I’ve said before
that people sink below,
come up gasping or maybe not at all.
Well here with this
I take a further step,
I am the sea,
I am jet.
More importantly
I am one with a stream flowing down,
gravel on my arse,
fish nibbling my tits.
Its a reckless ride and you’ve got to learn to balance here,
its a swish and a turn,
mind the way ahead.
We’re going fast,
too fast
and now we hit the rapids,
cut to bits I then reform taking chances is my middle name.
Let them drown,
I will throw them free,
I don’t want no hangers on please.
Whee its a torrent race,
I’m going to hit the skids,
whirling turning right sir.
Did your mother ever ask you
what to take away?
Well choose me sir or madam,
I’m a fun ride
and I provide the moisture for the crops.
Now we hit the sea ker-splash
our father mother what?
And now we are one,
every single drop of us is an ocean now.
Settle down to sleep until the wind writes havoc on the menu
and its a whirling twisting bitch.
No fair,
not asking for their names we destroy quite cruelly,
its the way of the world.
Then I am lifted up again
drop as rain
and start again.
Don’t ask me to stand still,
you can only step in me once.

r; thank you