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p; As if for me, okay say a lot then. When I was young there was a place of safety for me, hidden away I liked to stay there, out of the way, out of the tread of others. Beaten and black I planned my attack with precision, If they would not fight me, if they would not, if I was too much of a pain to grapple with, then I would become a mystery, a place, a space, a thing that worked in my favour. I reported the trolls, I started fires, I in my ire was left to pick up the pieces of the rows that they had, I ate them down remembering every word. I scrambled off to my secret place and grovelled in front of the mirror praying for a more pleasant grace so that people would not dislike me so much. It is written, it is scolded and my hands were now blue with the cold they gave me to hold. A scold for a present thank you so much. ’I love your love for me.’ But I was talking to myself, no one else was there.
Filly and fong now its another day and the tables have turned here. I’ve grown stronger and I can see the hope that I cried away, down in the drain all gone. So whisper my name, say it so loud, say it to wake the dead. I’m not a scum, I too have worth, believe in me, see me try, I need your love its a food I can’t live without. I’ve got two faces, the one is adorable, the other is scorn and its ugly. What do you see when you look at me, your choice I think. If you can’t see my smile then its the death curse I am giving in exchange for the love I never received here. So there we are I’m here and you must deal with me, twist and turn, learn to be kind. I’m not a pillar, I’m not a vision, I am your worst dreams come true, lets not have it that way.
Lets play together oh please, deny me, delight me, oh love me for my sins and your omissions. Lets take it all back, just find me here. I know if your looking or not, its easily done just pull down your pants and use your cock as a compass - joke. Oh if it was that easy, invent me anew, clean me right up wash away my anger. I can be nice, I can be sweet but you have to be sweet in return. If you’re finding in fear then I cannot help but attack. See the sea, see the sea see me flowing and growing there, a little mist, a massive wave. Hold to me and we can be we, you and I.