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silence comp  

a; Yes okay try

One day in a mild manner she presented her demands to him. He said yes but was really saying no. She cried. Something died between them leaving the door open they let the Silence in.
Said hello to It. It was polite and returned their greeting with a smile. Then It bound their mouths stuck socks upon their face, kept them quiet nicely. As you see its not a joke to be in the tender arms of hush. It bound the dog. It throttled the tv. Silence reigned quite nicely. Then it thought it might take a stroll and was quite appalled to hear the racket all around. ‘There’s work a lot for me,’ It said, and proceeded to be busy tying and tugging, muffling the struggling. And soon the town was a quiet place.
‘Ah peace,’ it said but no there never can be that because ying and yang assorted the ways of the universe do demand a balance here.
So Sound made its entrance with a great fanfare a celebration show, floats and all came trundling down the way. Silence of course was horrified it tried to stifle the noise piling pillows on the music makers but they blew them all to shreds feathers flying. The more that silence tried the more the music grew. Silence was on Its knees It had tried so hard.
But then a deal was struck between the two opponents. If it was dark silence could exist, by day the noise would clamour except for the loving coos that could exist at any time. And so the town exists now beyond the bounds of Silence.
Except of course for he and she they are still tied together their love building better without the words which misunderstood would keep their hearts apart.