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the family  

Your next in line for forgetting. Your next in line for a drift in time. So they pulled apart. So they broke her heart. Theres nothing to be saying; you can stop your praying. When he was needing kindness she struck a knife into his back. Said to her friends I don’t care, he’s a fool not worth much at all. There’s nothing much to say when your spirits moved away leaving your body as an empty present. Not much to say when together has lost any taste of pleasure. I’m struggling. You rationed out your need as a payment for good behaviour. There’s part of me remembers. There’s part of me says well go to fukin hell, you can take that as a gift. There’s part of me that wants to punish, let him reap what he’s been sewing. Cries in the dark. Come in the mark. Don’t listen to what they say now. She was so busy creating a gift for the war that she never knew it was over. Sat on a brick held out her arms, waiting for strong hands and strong metal, they would make the only difference that could be possible. And the one in the middle is just the Solomon sacrifice. One way is for she and he to be made children and the watch winds back the film, is there another sort of harm they haven’t tried? Iron wants to have a go he’s starting an idea that’s needing heat to bind them. There’s this witness who looks them up in books, turn the page its only a rage that’s passing. As for me I can see the hedgerow, all been done before init. Say me what you see is what you get. For what its worth there is no question mark. Oh woe here we go again, bloody bleeding, you’ve got it wrong. Arse about tit or not, try finding me there too.