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We were full of hatred hurting one another, then you fell and I said to myself. ‘Well that’s done now, what’s the next thing on my list?’ And touched a question there that itched but had no answer. I thought about it this way and I thought about it that, but no solution was forthcoming. Had the feeling that I had a purpose here but whatever it was I had no way of knowing.

So I went outside and asked somethings my question but they were all so stupid, they could only see me by the light of how they were.

It was getting hotter, I began to glow, the sun was at its zenith so I shouted. ‘Sun do you know why I am here?’ And he said if I wanted to really know there was only one way to tell the right from wrong, sing a song and maybe the Maker would be here.

And so my song I sang and the Maker arrived trailing splendour golden glory. The Maker said. ‘To answer the question you never posed. You are meant to be a chanter praising Me.’

I demurred and asked. ’Why should I sing a song for You?’

The Maker glared. ‘Because I made all this lovely stuff thats all around you now.’

I protested. ‘I observe a lot of shit mixed up here. The stars are great but evilness creeps and leaps unbidden.’

With that the Maker did a pee and from there a rose did grow. ‘Anyway if you say you will not praise me then I say to you, do that which will cause you to praise yourself.’

And then shazam the Maker had done a runner before I could question more. So there it is I know my purpose now but what it means I need to think on carefully. Good grace to all and hope your days are good to you.
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