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the stork comp  

Hello is that for me?
I found it under a tree.
A bush is more traditional.
Well it was a bit transitional,
rolling between the two.

Is such rotation new?
Not for eggs.
Eggs! you mean no legs?
No protuberances of any kind,
smooth as a baby’s behind.

Does it have a guarantee?
Signed by the shading tree.
May I return if it breaks down?
It will be run down
place in a playground.

How do I maintain it,
is there a kit?
Just fill it from the top
wipe it where it plop.

Just one detail
it doesn’t have a tail?
If you shove a stick up its stern,
I’m sure it will learn.

But in your catalogue
I ordered a dog.
Yes but you’ve got an upgrade,
this has the highest accolade.

Will it blow flames
and eat dames?
on that you can count on.

Will it rob trains
and make hurricanes?
Easy peasy
lemon squeezy.

Can it cook up a curse
make me Queen of the Universe?
No, its a fact
it can’t do that.

Oh! What about a diadem
for the Solar System?
Okay I admit
it has its limit.

Will I love her
for ever and ever?
If your shady heart
can make a fresh start.

Where’s your catalogue…