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2019 March 16th
S: Once upon a time when the birds were waking, when men were men and children were scared as always, she came here. Oh my dear you should have seen her, bright as bright, a blazing crack, a star, a shining light. Come to fumigate the rats and kill all poison givers, but that’s not all, she brought with her a magic thing, it was a place where music sings or not. Men came hard and fell to her paying for their dreams to be delivered. But she was coarse and whippy, said to them. ‘Not on your life, as you sow so shall you receive. Take your oath by me, here and now pledge to be a pleasant giver not to scare and swear your family into your obedience.’ So they swore but she knew they would not keep their word. So she turned around and came back in the dark time, sowing night time fits to those that did deserve them. To a few, a very few, she gave pleasant times and hopes and healthy thinking. Of course you know that this time aint so far away, in fact it was writ today. So beware the sleep you’re given, believe or not its not for fun, it deserves you as you are now. Not good for bad, or bad for good but twixt the twain the best. Rest easy, I hope you can.