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nothing comp

Red and yellow and pink and green, all are faces when they turn around, so am I. What you see is what you never will be getting. So it occurred to me to ask the question thus; why is there a thing, when there could be not. This world is full of stuff but in some time, some place, was there a knowledge of a no thing, a no stuff, empty place full of nothing just by itself? This is hard to think of, so I determined to see, to find for myself the answer. I found nothing in a book and we agreed to meet.

The bar was nothing much and even less as I sat by it waiting for a drink. 'Hey you,' I said, 'cos I'm like that very blunt. 'Hey you, you with nothing hair, nothing anywhere, why is it that we have stuff, so much its coming out our arseholes?'

Well s/he or them or it said quite rightly. 'Piss off you little shit I'm waiting for a beer that's never here. Well I might as well say as you've come this way its no concern of yours what I do with me own time thank you. Not that time is or not, all depends which way you're leaning don't it?'

I got a beer for Nothing but like that cat in the box its existence was in question.

'Yeah, yeah, yeah, same old petition I'm bored with it. If nothing existed where did something come from? Who cares, ancient history, take tomorrow as a subject for your mystery instead.'

I guessed this to be the usual flim flam rolled out for any punter passing by, a game to bite and try? 'Okay I'II turn it around what kind of non ground where you born from?'

Nothing did a cheshire cat but as it wasn't there it didn't disappear. 'You know everyone rates something over me, well I don't think s/he/it/whatever, is so special, just bang and flash. Whereas I go for the more contemplative approach, beyond time to contemplate your navel, if you had one which you wouldn't, not with me.'

Well see we was engrossed in this conversation, having words, swapping meaning. When along comes this size large lady, needed a fart so I says don't do it it'll be your ruin. But she just blocked my light and smiled. Nothing was up in a whiz caught her round the throat and hurled her out the door, never more we saw of her. A million to one she was wishing other places.

'See you have a care,' said I.

Nothing just smiled in that way of its. 'Do I? Aren't you forgetting something, what goes in to me I have to throw out anyway. Just cleaning house.'

Well we started again, I could see that Nothing was tiring. S/he/it/whatever's arguments grew shallow, reasoning was going so astray you may say Nothing was losing the plot, except of course the laugh, a casket waiting for a body that never would be there.

'You're being boring, try to relate to me as unknowable instead of nothing, aren't we the same to you?'

It as was an interesting song so I sang it. 'I would say you could have a day there but it would not be lasting long. Perverse as it may seem we may know the no thing but the other, the no knowable, is a dream we may never have. The one is an absence without perception, any description of the other is a speculative invention.'

Anyway it is said when two opposites meet there will be one humdinger of an eruption so when Something walked in I feared the worse. But it just glanced around and nodded, giving short shrift to my friend there. 'I hope you aint staying long in town, cos I'm the sheriff here and I'll have to throw you in the hoosegow.'

Nothing cleared its eyes and started looking deadly. 'Try it brother.'

I stood up. 'Children please be pleasant, don't start a war you're gonna regret. Nothing aint bought a house here, just come for the beer and a chat.'

Something strode off in a huff, bending time trying to look tough.

By this time Nothing was getting drunk on my beers and was becoming rather maudlin. I suggested a dance, it sobbed in my arms about the loves it never had lost, the feelings it never had quaffed.

'But come with me and I'll show you a place with no pain, no fear, no rivalry, no war, no grief, no tears, no avarice, no enmity, no bitter taste when you are overlooked, no longing, no broken promises, no scoundrels that let you down, no spite, no ageing, no worry; anything that pains you cannot be there.'

'I'll give it some thought but I tell you what, why don't you come home with me, let's see if nothing can cut the mustard.'