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little man comp  

Dee; Now begin.
Once there was a smiling person short but nice and round. Everyday he would catch the train from here to there. He was happy in his tasks, they did not seem to last as long as he expected.
Then one day he found a frown, a witchy one, placed upon his brow. He suffered from it greatly, tried to rub it far away but it stayed there. Now his day was gloom and all his tasks took so long to do. He was unhappy with his lot and a lot of presents he'd never seen were tied to him as well, like a tail, he dragged them around in misery.
Then he heard a word about a magic blow, could throw all cares away. He darted there and felt the force of it but it made things worse. He could not stand, he had to crawl away. He was weak now, was he dying? Not now, not this time. He was crying though, thinking of his misfortune.
Then he saw, or did he, a ghost of someone dead, who haunted him groaning and moaning. Then the little man thought I'm better than these curses so he took off his clothes and threw them all away.
Without that weight he slept a blameless sleep. But come the day the curses hovered round him. They would latch on to any apparel he might wear. So the little man thought and thought and came to a decision, he would be free of curse, he wore his bed, it fitted fine. And now he sleeps through every day and the curses got bored with waiting.
When the man thought that they had gone he put on a sock to see, still free. He dressed himself and went to work but they had never heard of him. He crawled away and all the laughing curses gathered round, so he felt their weight again.
Then he tried another trick. He cooked the curses dinner, he let them watch TV, he cuddled them in bed, he dreamed they were his friends. And so it came to pass the curses became his friends at last. And he would make his money by renting them out to afflicted souls who needed retribution.
And thats the end of the story. Well not quite, for his evil ways the little man went straight to Hell, but this was nothing new to him, he started cooking the devils dinner, and bought a TV for the place.

r; that is one strange story