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picture story stealing hope comp  

r; both
I have a couple of lines that are good but the rest is rubbish
so i am asking to see what your creativity can do?

c; As its us
and here goes help
starting now
keep up please:

Hope was in mope,
under duress,
less a perfect time
that she had made before hand.
There was no room
for love here,
all was spent
drear and dry.
A place where even dogs don’t cry,
heaven bent and lost here.
Arid of the feeling
she was now concealing
from the human race.
Kept in jail
by a starving few
who were selling her for profit.
And now I arrive
disreputable and mucky.
Stolen though the place,
gashed and torn
living proof
that this world was lacking nothing,
’cos nothing was all we had here.
I reached for her brightness,
I stung myself with feeling,
too much,
like pure heroin to a junkie.
I screamed with pain,
the guards turned back,
attack, attack,
they shot us.
Goes to show that in this place its better to learn your lesson before you reach too high.
I didn’t die
but I’m frying soon I think.