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Young Stories: The Little Star; Amy and Uncle Henry; Molly and the Mountain; flow down from here.'
The Little Star Pages 37-38 (These pages flow vertically)
little star end comp
The End
The Little Star Pages 35-36
little stat 35-36 comp

Rolly had given away his wish but he did gain a gift. Every night he would fall

into a happy sleep thinking of the little Star and her friends in the sky.

The Little Star Pages 33-34
dstar gone comp 33-34 3

“Maybe there is a way,” said Rolly and he reached in his pocket and

bought out the wish.

Rolly softly blew on the wish and sent the little Star back to her place

in the sky.

The Little Star Pages 31-32
star phone 31-32

“People have seen me, really seen me!” said the little Star.

Rolly smiled, “Yes they really liked you.”

“But now I would really like to get back to the sky,” sighed the little Star.

“Can’t you fly?” asked Rolly.

“No,” said the Star looking very sad.

The Little Star Pages 29-30
star boy 29-30 comp

We were small, but if I gave the Star a lift she would be tall enough to see.

And she was.

And she blazed bright and all the people saw her.

And having seen they cheered such a pretty, pretty light.

“That was wonderful,” said the Star, “People have seen me, really seen me!”

The Little Star Pages 27-28
pages 25-26

“There are lots of people here,” said Rolly

“But they are all so busy” said the Star.
The Little Star Pages 25-26
Star boy PIle copyACOMP 25-26

"Oh dear they're not looking," the little Star sadly said.

"They're too tall and we're too small," remarked Rolly.

The Little Star Pages 23-24
ittle star 23-24

We hurried through the wood and seeing the Town we ran towards it.

“Ooh look there are people," said the Star. “Over here! Here I am, a lovely Star."

The Little Star Pages 21-22
little star 21-22 comp

“I think we are safe in these trees,” said Rolly.

“Your Sun wants to see pretty me,” said the Star.

“Most probably,” replied Rolly.

The Little Star Pages 19-20
Star lttle, 19-20 comp

“What’s that?” cried the Star.

“Just the Sun,” I said.

“Its far too bright for me,” said the Star in alarm, “I will fade away.”

I held the Star close, “Its okay your safe in my shadow.”

The Little Star Pages 17-18
little star 17-18 comp

“Where are all the people?” asked the little Star.

“There are a lot of people in town,” I said

“Okay, town it is,” said the Star.

The Little Star Pages 15-16
litl star 15-16

“Oh what a beauty, who is that?” asked the Star.

“That’s you,” I said, “you’re looking at your self.”

“I really am so lovely,” sighed the Star, “don’t you think everyone should see me?”

The Little Star Pages 13-14
little star =13-14 comp

‘Maybe there is not the Sun.
But my friends and I are glowing,
showing starlight bright in the night.’

‘Yes its fine with you here,’I agreed.


The Little Star Pages 11-12
picure stories star 11-12 conp

The little Star was very grateful, she gave me a wish for saving her.
‘Its late, I'm lucky you are awake.’

I blushed. ‘I don’t like the night its so dark.’

The Little Star Pages 9-10
Star boy 9-10 copyACOMP copy

‘Oh you’re a Star.’

‘Correction a pretty little Star.’

‘Shall I pull you out?’

‘No, just leave me here stuck in the filthy mud.’

‘Okay, if thats what you want.’ I started to leave.

‘Come back, I was being ironic. Yes please pull me out but be careful not to mar my pretty looks.’

The Little Star Pages 7-8
The Little Star Pages 7-8 comp
I felt a noise like the sky go crack.
Saw the star plummet down.
Heard her cry out from the demon dark.
The Little Star Pages 5-6
Star boy 5-6 copyACOMP copy.jpg

So she came down to Earth to be seen.

The Little Star Title Page
litlstr title page comp
In the night sky lived a pretty Star but she was so small no one ever saw her.
The Little Star End Paper
Star boy PIle copyACOMP copy
The Little Star Cover
little star title comp
Amy and Uncle Henry 30-31
Honey Story  30-31 comp
The End
Amy and Uncle Henry 28-29
Amy and Uncle Henry 28 -29 comp
‘I’ve remembered something.’ I tell Uncle Henry.
‘I hope its something nice.' Uncle Henry replies.
‘Well I have an Uncle Dave and I have an Uncle Archie but I don’t have an Uncle Henry.’
‘Oh that’s sad everyone should have an Uncle Henry.’
‘Should they?’ I ask.
‘Oh yes definitely.’
‘So will you be my Uncle Henry?’
Amy and Uncle Henry 26-27
Honey Story 26-27 COMP
Uncle Henry says. ‘Did you see how I fought all those bees?’
‘Yes Uncle you were very brave,’ I say, ‘but you need some medicine put on your stings.’
‘Will it hurt?’
‘No not for someone as brave as you.’
Amy and Uncle Henry 24-25
Honey Story 24-25 comp
I run fast to catch up with Uncle Henry.
'Stop stinging my Uncle you bad robber bees.'
'You don't scare us little girl.' The bees all say as they fly at Uncle Henry.
I drag the vacuum cleaner from the house.
'Maybe not but this will, I'm going to clean you all away.'
Amy and Uncle Henry 22-23
Amy and Uncle Henry 22-23 comp
‘This honey is not for you, you rotten robbing robbers.
Come on I’ll fight you all,, one by one.’
All the bees fly at Henry.
The bees say. ‘Oh dear we never went to school,
so we never learnt our numbers.’
Amy and Uncle Henry 20 - 21
Honey Story 20 - 21
‘We are the Wild Robber Bees
and we want your honey or your hive.’
Amy and Uncle Henry 18-19
Honey Story 18-19 comp
‘Can’t stop.’
‘But Uncle you’re going the wrong way.’
‘No Amy I am definitely going the right way.’
‘Is a monster chasing you?’ I ask.
‘Worse,’ says Uncle Henry and disappears into the trees.
Amy and Uncle Henry 16-17
Honey Story 16-17 COMP
‘Uncle you are going so fast I can’t keep up.’
Uncle Henry says, ‘Have to make sure the honey arrives nice and fresh,’
‘Uncle be careful you don’t know these woods.’
‘Amy, I’m not scared of anything in these woods.’
Amy and Uncle Henry 14-15
Children's story honey 14-15 comp
‘Hello Bill,’ says the Bear to Uncle Henry.
‘Uncle Henry, that Bear just called you Bill.’
I thought he was talking to you,’ says Uncle Henry.
‘But I’m not a bear!’ I protest.
Uncle Henry looks at me. ‘You might be, you might be a shaved Bear.’
I say. ‘But I’m not, I’m a girl.’
‘Its okay I believe you, just don’t do it again.’
‘What was it I did?’
‘I’ve forgotten.’
Amy and Uncle Henry 12-13
amy and uncle henry 12-13 comp

‘Uncle Henry I’m over here.’
‘You must have ears like a bat,’ says Uncle Henry.
I say. ‘You were walking very quietly.’
‘You learn to be quiet in the wildest wild.’ Uncle Henry whispers.
‘Oh you’ve bought the honey for the deliveries, you are a good Uncle.’
‘Deliveries?’ asks Uncle Henry.
‘Yes we’re going to give this honey to my friends.’
‘Give it away?’

Amy and Uncle Henry 10-11
Children’s Story Honey Story All Comp

At breakfast I ask Uncle Henry. ‘Would you help me deliver some honey?’
‘Ah lass I am so tired after my exercise, I would rather stay here and sleep.’
Says Uncle Henry.

Amy and Uncle Henry 8-9
Children's story honey comp 10-11
In the night I hear a noise.
I shout, ‘Stop thief or I’ll squash you flat.’
‘Amy, it’s me Uncle Henry.’
‘Uncle Henry, what are you doing?’
‘What am I doing? yes that’s a good question,’ gasps Uncle Henry.
I say, ‘It must be hard work because you seem out of breath.’
‘That’s it exercise, I was doing some exercise,’ Uncle Henry says.
‘Uncle Henry it’s the middle of the night.’
‘Best time, nice and cool,’
Amy and Uncle Henry 6-7
honey story 6-7 comp
‘You have bees?’ asks Uncle Henry.
I point at the hives, ‘Inside those little houses.’
Uncle Henry smiles. ‘Bees means lots of lovely honey.’
Amy and Uncle Henry 4-5
honey story 6-7 comp
Uncle Henry drinks the honey from the jar.
‘I’m glad you like the honey Uncle, it’s made by my bees.’
Uncle Henry’s eyes light up with interest.
Amy and Uncle Henry 2-3
Children's story Honey 2-3 a comp

‘I’m your Uncle Henry.’
I say, “You seem to be quite hairy for an Uncle.”
‘Well Amy I’ve been living in the wildest wild, it changes you living in the wildest wild,’ says Uncle Henry.
I look at Uncle Henry, ‘Well it’s sure changed you a lot.’
Uncle Henry nods.
I say, ‘Please come in and have some bread and honey.

Children's story Honey 0-1 Comp.jpg
Children's story Honey 2-3 Comp.jpg
Molly and the Mountain Story ends - Amy and Uncle Henry story begins  
molly and the mountain pages 34-35
MoLLy Mountain COMP 34-35
The Dinosaur likes me.
I call it Monty.
I think the Mountain gave me the best pet ever.
Thank you Mountain.
molly and the mountain pages 32-33
MoLLy Mountain 32-33 COMP
The Mountain did not reply. It gave one big heave and all the rocks and stuff that had not fallen off, fell off. And then there stood a rather large Dinosaur.
I think this Dinosaur had been asleep in the Mountain for a long long time.
molly and the mountain pages 30-31
molly and the mountain pages 30-31 COMP

I was wishing the Mountain a good night’s sleep when it started to shake. Then it started to crack. Then lots of rocks and stuff fell off.
“Oh poor Mountain,” I said, “are you ill?”

molly and the mountain pages 28-29
MoLLy Mountain 28  29 comp

The Mountain is a great listener. I talk to it for hours and it never interrups or says I am being silly. I think the Mountain likes having an intelligent conversation, I don’t think anyone has talked to the Mountain for a zillion years.

molly and the mountain pages 26-27
All MoLLy Mountain COMP 26-27.jpg
In Winter I ask the Mountain, “is it okay to slide down your snowy sides?” I can tell by the way the Mountain looks that it will be okay.
molly and the mountain pages 24-25
She and she are chasing, animals fleeing, while I rest sublime with my book. The Mountain sits quite solidly, it never, ever runs from me, it is my friend why would it?

In fact the Mountain never moves at all, it never runs off, or chases things like other pets.

molly and the mountain pages 22-23
Mountain  22-23 COMP.jpg

Trying to take a Mountain for a walk is not so easy. Mountains can be very stubborn when it comes to going on walks.


molly and the mountain pages 20-21
MoLLy Mountain 20 - 21 comp.jpg

I say the Mountain cannot do tricks but it can do one really great trick, it can stop storms.
I think a cat would find it difficult to stop a storm.

The Mountain will stop storms, that’s a trick no other pet can do. Well most other pets are not as big as the Mountain.
molly and the mountain pages 18-19
All MoLLy Mountain comp 18-19.jpg
Some pets can do tricks, My Mountain does not use artifice, it does not need that sort of applause, besides it can do things no normal pet could, or would even dream of.  
molly and the mountain pages 16-17
Children's story Molly +Mountain 16-17 Phone
My Mountain is very good at playing seesaws.
molly and the mountain pages 14-15
Younger story molly and the mountain pages 14-15 comp
So here I am with the pleasant idea of the mountain galloping after a stick. The Mountain sniffs disdainfully, it is not a dog, sticks are for growing not chasing.  
molly and the mountain pages 12-13
picture stories molly and the mountain pages 12 -13 comp.jpg
I believe the Mountain may be on a diet, it never eats the cookies I bring.
Luckily I am not on a diet, so the cookies do not go to waste.
molly and the mountain pages 10-11
picture stories molly mountain 10-11 comp=picture stories molly mountain 10-11 comp
I have heard that some people have rocks as pets. Well next door there is a Mountain and a Mountain must be better than a rock. So I choose the Mountain to be my friend. I will care for it and the Mountain in turn will make me laugh and love me.  
molly and the mountain pages 8-9
molly and the mountain story pages 6+7
My Mummy and my Daddy have empty pockets, no cash to spare for me. Not even a penny to buy a little flea.  
molly and the mountain pages 6-7
picture stories molly and the mountain pages 6-7 comp
My friends have pets to care for, and the pets in turn give warmth to them. I stand here empty handed, I wish my arms could be granted a pet whom I could love.  
molly and the mountain pages 4-5
Younger story Molly Mountain 4-5 comp
I am on the swings, my friends are playing but I have a serious occupation, the aspiration to achieve the holding of a pet.  
younger story molly and the mountain start comp